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As we mentioned beforehand that Nishi-F Co., Ltd. is a FRP Shipyard which aim for World Standard. There was our proud histoy of co-working with Mr.Aoki who holds the world record for the Cape Horner with the 21 feet smallest yacht. You can imagine how difficult sailing with such a small ship in the wild ocean. When Mr.Horii of Nishi-F Co., Ltd. director heard of Mr.Aoki's tremendous sailing plan, Mr.Horii thought that Nishi-F Co., Ltd. would have the great responsibility for Mr.Aoki's safe journey. Off course, we had the best for the supporting Mr.Aoki to manufacture the perfect yacht strong enough to fight against enormous waves in the ocean. As we heard the result of the yacht race, we again awared Mr.Aoki's greatness and we re-confirmed the importance for the safety conscious. Many years past, however there is still a good relationship in between Mr.Aoki and Nishi-F Co., Ltd. as the team mates.


Please feel free to visit our friend's web site if you have an interest. There you would be learnt something from Mr.Aoki for the better life.

AOKI YACHT CORPORATION  ADDRESS: Japan, 598-0093 osaka-hu, sennan-gun, tajiri-tyo, rinku-port kita 1. CONTACT: Tel.+81 724 65 8192 | Fax. +81 724 65 8194


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