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BEST DESIGN FOR THE SAFETY by NISHI-F CO., LTD. The important message from us below this page!
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The first ISO9001 approved FRP Shipyard in JAPAN
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The 1st ISO9001 acknowledged FRP Shipyard in Japan









The First Freefall Lifeboat Manufacturer in JAPAN -
Nishi-F Lifeboats maintenance & repair service world wide. Our services are ready at all major ports. Experienced marine engineers with appropriate knowledge on our products. Earger for the safety. Nishi-F is known as the first Free Fall Type Lifeboat manufacturer in Japan. Nishi-F's contribution on FRP industry became an fruit of the effort. The importance of Free Fall Lifeboat is a shock absorver system. We studied and analized on the statistics. Genuin safety is the responsibility on Nishi-F Free Fall Lifeboats.

Nishi-F The Free Fall Lifeboat Maker in Japan

New IMO Rule MSC.1/Circ.1206 required safety equipment inspection services are ready at all major ports world wide.

JAPAN - Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Oita, Kagawa, Kagoshima, (where our inspectors live)

OVERSEAS - Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Phillippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, U.A.E., Australia, Panama, U.S.A., Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, U.K., Netherlands, Poland etc...

CAUTION! Please re-consider your decision! The third parties who are not registered with us seems to be reasonable only a short term. In long term, they are waisting your precious assets. The skilled and genuine Nishi-F inspectors are really something for marine business and you know well what it is. If you are chosing Nishi-F authorized service companies, that means you are giving a contribution to the marine safety. Most royalties which are collected from our service partners world-wide are using for more safety on Nishi-F products development. Without your support, we are less power gained. We are not using this word as for a business strategy but from our marine heart.

World awarded YACHT for manufacturing!

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